Winning together

We’re the charity that supports everyone in the RAF community, but we can only do it with your support. Joining Wings Lotto is a fun way to give something back to those who protected our nation through its darkest days.

Whether your numbers come up or not, people in the RAF community always win. When you play Wings Lotto, you’ll be helping to reduce isolation and loneliness, provide friendship, and offer financial and practical support where it’s needed most. Last year, over half of all funds raised through Wings Lotto was spent on this vital welfare work.

Our charity in action

Helping everyone who serves in the RAF, and their dependants, past and present, now and always.

See how your £1 entry
supports our work and
tops up our prize pot!

How you'll help Wings Lotto

How playing our lottery helps

From the youngest recruit to the oldest veteran and their families, we’re here to provide friendship, welfare and support whenever anyone in the RAF community needs us.

Ensure we can offer practical and emotional help

In 2019, our members helped our network of volunteer welfare officers make over 115,000 much-needed visits or calls to people in need of our help and support.

Help us reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness

Loneliness is linked to serious health risks like cardiovascular disease. With more and more people feeling isolated, our friendship services are needed more than ever.

Protect family bonds for those who are serving

We look out for the welfare of serving personnel’s families, whether a family member is lonely, facing hardship or is suffering from dementia.

Helping you play responsibly

Playing Wings Lotto should always be fun. If you feel you’re gambling more than you want to, we’ve put together some advice and support to help.